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  AstroVac® Power Units

The AstroVac® line of central vacuum systems are filtered units.  AstroVac® systems feature either a disposable micro lined paper bag or an inverted cyclonic filtration system to capture debris.  This gives you easy cleanup with maximum filtration.
Our sealed paper bag units incorporate a two-layer disposable paper bag for superior filtration. The bag has an inner liner which adds longer life, as well as more strength & resistance to bursting. This liner also serves as an electrostatic barrier. These paper bags are inexpensive and can easily be changed, making vacuum maintenance easy. The paper bag unit has a unique baffle system, which maximizes the useful filter area of the bag, providing large dirt capacity and maximum performance. 

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AstroVac Inverted Bag Power Units
Our inverted bag units have a permanent filter. This special Surf-Tex™ filter resists bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. This material can also capture particles as small as .3 microns and has a dust retention of 97% efficiency. The inverted bag units have a convenient utility valve on the unit. The debris is collected in the bottom canister. This canister features our patented air channel that allows the bottom canister to have a liner.  This makes emptying the debris a breeze.

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