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commercial central vacuum

We offer a complete line of commercial central vacuum systems. Our commercial systems can be used in a variety of applications including; restaurants, office buildings, hotels, auto body, and more. Our vacuums do not support heavy material handling. They are for specialty applications and general cleaning.  For more information about obtaining a commercial central vacuum system please email us at We assist in planning and designing these systems.

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Auto body - Sanding, Detailing and Cleaning

Restaurants - Wet Pick-Up and General Cleaning

Barber/Beauty Salons - Hair pickup and General Cleaning
Nail Boutique - Dremel grinding and General Cleaning

Office Buildings - General Cleaning

Hotels - General Cleaning

Movie Theaters - General Cleaning

Bakery - General Cleaning and Cleaning Flour with static hose

Church - General Cleaning of large areas

Dr. Office/Dentist - General Cleaning

Dry Cleaners - General Cleaning and Equipment Cleaning

Optical Lens Manufacturer - Used in grinding and production of lenses & General Cleaning

Pharmaceutical - General Cleaning & Vacuuming Compounding Stations

Rental Car Company - Vacuuming Cars and General Cleaning

Commercial Units
Dirt Canisters & Seperators

10hp Series - Multiple Users

   CR1526 - 10 hp for Auto body - Sanding

   CR1525 - 10 hp General Cleaning

5Hp Series - Single User

    CR1451 / CR1453 - 5 hp -  General Cleaning

    CR1461 / CR1463 - 5 hp -  Large Capacity

S3600T - Light Commercial 2 User System

    SR38 - Clean Rooms

Primary Separators

 DC1100 - Cyclonic funnelwith standpipe with secondary with 3 foam filters.

 DC1200 - Cyclonic funnel primary, standpipe secondary, 27 quarts.

 DC1240 - Cyclonic funnel primary, standpipe secondary, 38 quarts.

 DC1400 - Cyclonic funnel primary, standpipe secondary, 24 gallons.

 DC1633 - Cyclonic action, baffle, & safety screen, 33 gallons

 DC2530 - Cyclonic action, baffle, & safety screen, 15 gallons.

 DC2600 - Five stage cyclonic with gate valve, 15 gallons.

Secondary Separators

 DC1602/1603High efficiency 4-layer filter bag

 DC750High efficiency disposable paper cartridge filter, filter area 37 sq. ft

 DC500Hepa filter bag, 27 quarts

Tubing, Fittings, Misc. Accessories
Wet Pick Ups and Interceptors (pdf)
Industrial and Commercial Tools (pdf)
Inlet Valves and Backup Plates (pdf)
Steel Fittings (pdf)
3" Pipe and Fittings (pdf)
Plastic Fittings and Tubing (pdf)
Schedule 40 Plastic Fitting & Accessory Valves (pdf)
Animal Care Tools (pdf)

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