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  CR1525 - 10 hp Commercial System - Multiple users, General Cleaning

The 10hp power pump can be used for general cleaning by multiple users at the same time. This commercial systems can be used in a variety of applications including; office buildings, hotels, and more. The CR1525 comes with a primary and secondary filter.  The DC2530 is the primary filter and the DC1603 is the secondary filter. 

For more information about obtaining a commercial central vacuum system please email us at We assist in planning and designing these systems.

CR1500 Series Instruction Manual

*Includes 10hp pump, dirt cans, control box and relief valve.

Please call to purchase 1-800-221-1862. Technical assistance and planning support provided.

General Cleaning

3-4 users
Up to 80 inlet valvesMax pipe run of 400ft.
Movie Theaters, Office buildings, Movie theaters, Hotels, etc

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