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  Autobody VacuMaid System

Equip your autobody facility with the cleaning system that will clean cars in a breeze. A VacuMaid central vacuum system will provide you with a more efficient cleaning solution. We offer a system that is designed specifically for autobody shop. This central vacuum system not only cuts down on the time it takes to detail a car, but it does so without stirring up the debris the way a portable does. Save time and hassle. The Autobody System from VacuMaid can also be used for sanding.  The power behind the central vacuum quickly whisks away the dust without stirring any of it up into the air. With no messy bags or filters to clog and limit cleaning power. For more information about obtaining a VacuMaid central vacuum system please email us at We assist in planning and designing these systems.

    Recommended Systems for Auto body with sanding
    CR1526 - 10 hp Sanding Machine - 12-15 users sanding or 3-4 users vacuuming
    CR1463 - 5 hp Sanding Machine - 8 users sanding or 1 user vacuuming

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