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  Restaurant VacuMaid System

Equip your restaurant with the cleaning system that will clean in a breeze. Powerful and quiet, the VacuMaid central vacuum system substantially cuts cleaning time and costs. The VacuMaid system cleans more deeply and prolongs the beauty of your flooring in your restaurant. Airborn dust, lints, oily fumes, and odors are pulled into the system and whisked away, never recycled into the room, making this system ideal for restaurants. It can even be used while patrons are dining.  Simply plug the durable, flexible hose into an inconspicuous wall inlet, attach the proper cleaning tool to the lightweight wand, and begin cleaning immediately. The interceptor can attachment easily catches perishable debris, eliminating chances of plugged wall ducts. VacuMaid central vacuum system cleans through rough and heavy debris, broken glass, hairpins, food, sand, and mud. With convenient wet pickup accessories, wet surfaces can also be cleaned and quickly dried. Other special cleaning tools are designed to handle all kinds of carpet or bare floors. For more information about obtaining a commercial central vacuum system please email us at We assist in planning and designing these systems.

Recommended Systems:
Any residential or commercial unit with an interceptor to catch the food before it enters the tubing and/or wet pickup bucket. We suggest using 1 1/2" stainless valves.

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