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  Decorative Metal ES Valves

These decorative metal valves offer more choices when coordinating vacuum inlets to a rooms' design.  The nickel, pewter, silver vein, and ornamental bronze are stunning choices for many rooms.  The primed inlet is the best choice when you need to custom paint an inlet.
These valves are pin-jack style valves and are to be used with an electric hose with pigtail or a low voltage hose. Dimensions are approximately 3.5" x 3.5".  They are made from cast metal.
The Metal ES Valves also offer a variety of installation placements that a normal plastic valve can't offer. They may be placed on the wall, in a baseboard, or in the floor.


Primed Valve for Custom Painting
This valve is primed to accept the paint, pattern, or design of your choice. They are ready for painting.  The primed valve, unlike the other metal es valves, has a removable lid.  Just use an Allen wrench to unscrew the two screws on the back.

We suggest using an oil-based, non-latex paint.

Trim Plates
Trim Plates for Metal ES Valves
The metal trim plates add a more finished look around the valve.  They come in every color that is available in the Metal ES range.

This product commonly used if the installer doesn't quite cut the hole correctly.

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