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In addition to residential central vacuum systems Lindsay has a range of central vacuums for commercial applications, MediVac system for veterinary applications, and music/intercoms systems. 
Commercial Central Vacuum
We offer a complete line of commercial central vacuum systems. Our commercial systems can be used in a variety of applications including; restaurants, office buildings, hotels, auto body, and more. For more information about obtaining a commercial central vacuum system please email us at We assist in planning and designing these systems.

Auto body - Sanding, Detailing and Cleaning

Restaurants - Wet Pick-Up and General Cleaning

Office Buildings - General Cleaning

Hotels - General Cleaning

Barber/Beauty Salons - Hair pickup and General Cleaning

Movie Theaters - General Cleaning

Veterinarian with dog
A complete MediVac System includes a central vacuum power unit for scavenging & aspiration, a dirt can, a large interceptor, and a full set of cleaning attachments and hose for general cleaning. This system can do everything from general office cleaning and quick clean up of little pet "accidents" to anesthesia evacuation. By using this central vacuum system in your clinic and office, you're not only assured a cleaner work place, but also a healthier work place. And, that's not all. MediVac by VacuMaid also offers specialty veterinarian equipment such as tools for pet grooming, surgical scavenging & aspiration, and even multi-ward cage drying and "Blow Dry" grooming.
Aspiration Equipment
MediVac System



Multi-Ward Cage Drying

General Cleaning


AudioTech offers a complete line of music-intercoms systems for homes and offices. AudioTech systems are easy to use featuring user-friendly controls and large bright clock displays. AudioTech offers a variety of room station sizes for the best performance in your home. 
SystemOne Intercom
The System One Intercom combines technology with simplicity, creating an advanced intercom system that's easy to use. With System One each room station acts as a Master Station allowing full control over all intercom functions. System One gives you communication along with home automation capabilities. This is the perfect complement to the stereo speakers in your home.  The Volume/Tone control gives you the ability to combine the music from your stereo speaker system with a full intercom system thus creating a completely new and exciting sound experience.

No "Master" Needed

Answer the door

Operate lights, air-conditioning, gate/door release, garage door, etc.

9 Built-in door chimes

Up to 20 room stations

Audio Inputs

Lindsay Manufacturing is an authorized repair/refurbishment center for the Valet intercom system. We can repair your VM2000, VM1200 or V900 Valet Radio Intercom System.
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