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  SFH-630 Electric Hose

The SFH-630 4-wire swivel hose allows the user to turn the system “on” for hard floor surfaces and above the floor cleaning; or to turn the system and the electric brush “on” for cleaning carpeted floor surfaces. The handle has 360 rotation to eliminate kinks and reduce effort in cleaning. The “tear-drop” handle design allows the hose to drape to the floor reducing the weight supported in your hand. This handle incorporates cord management features that let you easily separate the handle from the wand for accessory use. Also, the SFH-630 hose is 1-3/8” in diameter for superior airflow exceeding the industry standards.
The “slim fit” style handle features an open grip and soft curves to maximize comfort and control.
Hose End
The wall end is fully repairable and fits all standard plastic and metal wall inlets. Hose comes in direct connect or pigtail.

An ergonomic switch on the handle gives you positive feedback for each position.
Hose Air Relief Valve
The air relief valve has three different positions so you can get just the right amount of vacuum relief. The opening is at the top so you can clearly see the opening.

Vacuum Hose Coiled
Crush-proof hose was designed with flexibility and strength in mind.

Hose End
Direct Connect Plug-In
Must be used w/ ElectraValve. Electricity is built into the cuff allowing the hose to be directly plugged into the wall inlet with electrical contact made at the time of insertion.
6 ft. Pigtail Cord
A 6 foot pigtail cord is attached to the end cuff on the hose. The hose is plugged into any standard pinjack valve and the pigtail cord is plugged into an electrical outlet.

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