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  Standard Garage Kit


HS-130 30ft. 1-1/4" Crush-Proof Hose
WPO-218 Deluxe Curved Wand
CB-2000 Combination Tool
H-431 Plastic Hose Hanger
WO-119P Plastic Telescopic Ratchet Wand
CB-180 Mesh Caddy Bag
DB-530BL Dusting Brush
CT-530BL Crevice Tool
UT-530BL Upholstery Tool
HV-110BL Banded Ring Cuff
  Item#: GK30
Garage Kit with 30' hose

The GK-30 Condo/Apartment/Garage Kit is a complete tool kit for 1-1/4" inlets. Small, compact and easy to transport it's the ideal kit for a condo/apartment or for a simple kit to keep in your garage for cleaning the car.  It includes a straight suction hose, a multi-surface floor tool, plastic telescopic wand, and standard cleaning tools.

Price: $89.95


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