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 Supergroom II Electric Brush

Item#: EB210C / CT12DXC

Supergroom II Electric Brush



Parts Breakdown

If you have any questions about what replacement part you need, please call us at 1-800-546-3729 between 7am - 5pm CST.

Replacement Parts

Belt for EB210 & EB210C (EB21010)
Price: $1.44

Brush Roll for EB210 & EB210C (EB21027A)
Price: $79.80

Swivel Neck for EB210 & EB210C (EB21019)
Price: $2.18

 Replacement wands for use with the GSH Hose

Bottom Wand EB210 & EB210C / CT12DX & CT12DXC
Price: $15.18 (W219B)


Top Cord Management Wand for GSH630 Hose
Price: $13.53 (W540)



Replacement wands for use with the SFH Hose

Telescopic Top Wand For NRH, SFH Hose with Coiled Cord
Price: $30.84  (W245T)

To use this wand with Plastiflex NRH530 and NRH630 hoses, the electrical plug in the Hose Handle must be moved to the recessed position.

Straight Wand - Button Lock
Price: $15.18 (W219B)


Individual Replacement Parts
This is an individual listing of the replacement parts.  Click here to view the parts breakdown to determine what number you need.

# Part Price Qty   
10 Belt 1.44
12 Floor nozzle lower unit $17.50
13 Motor assembly $38.36
14 Motor bracket $1.80
15 Overload protector $11.02
16 Light bulb $5.54
17 Light bulb socket $4.32
18 Swivel catch $1.86
19 Swivel $2.18
20 Furniture guard $3.04
21 Roller shaft $0.66
22 Swivel bearing seal $0.50
23 Nozzle roller $1.16
26 Bearing Assembly$2.44
27 Brush roll$79.80
32 Cord and plug assembly$13.50
33 Panel Light-EB210 $6.30
34 Floor nozzle upper unit$6.90


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