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 Dirt Sensor QuietDrive Electric Brush

Item#: EB

Dirt Sensor Quiet Drive Electric Brush


Parts Breakdown

Replacement Parts

Belt for EB255 (EB29010)
Price: $7.44

Brush Roll for EB250, EB270, EB275
Price: $79.95

Swivel Neck for EB250NL (EB240190)
Price: $3.18

Integrated Telescopic Wand (W255)
SFH Hose only
Price: $73.29



Replacement wands for use with the SFH Hose

Bottom Wand EB255 EB275 (BW275C)
Price: $30.00 (BW275C)


Telescopic Top Wand for
SFH hoses
Price: $30.84 (W245T)

 Replacement wands for use with the GSH Hose

Telescopic Top Wand for GSH Hose
Price: $26.64 (W315T)


Bottom Wand for EB255
Price: $25.83 (BW275C)


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