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How do I know if I have a clog in my hose?
Connect your hose directly to the dirt canister.  If the hose has normal suction, you do not have a clog in the hose.  Reduced suction when connected to the dirt canister means a clog in the hose. 
How do I get a clog out of my hose?

Starting at one end of the hose and working towards the other end, press the hose to try and feel for the clog, when you find it, press down on the obstruction and gently knead it.  This may break the clog up so it can pass through the hose. Remove the hose from the inlet, push a DRY garden hose though through the vacuum hose to push the clog out.

How do I get a clog out of my tubing?

Check inside each inlet, occasionally, an object gets stuck directly inside the fitting and you can remove it with your fingers.

Plug the vacuum hose into each inlet.  Put your hand over the end of the hose to create a seal, then pull your hand off the hose.  Do this a few times and it may loosen the clog and send the obstruction to your dirt canister.

Try running a plumbers snake though the inlet to push the clog out.
How can I tell the difference between pin jack and microswitch valves?

Open the valve door and feel the top of the valve hole.  If you feel one ball bearing then it is a microswitch valve.  If you feel two brass pins then it is a pin jack valve.

I need a new motor. How difficult is it to replace the motor?

Any DIYer can easily replace the motor in their Vacu-Maid or Astro-Vac central vacuum system. Here are some instructions.  

Is it easy to replace the P12595A Transformer/Relay?

Any DIYer can easily replace the transformer/relay in their Vacu-Maid or Astro-Vac central vacuum system.

Is it easy to replace the PC Board (PC120, PC120STW, PC120ST)?

Any DIYer can easily replace the PC Board in their Vacu-Maid or Astro-Vac central vacuum system.

Can I use my central vacuum as a wet vacuum?

The only way you can use it as a wet vac would be if you purchase one of our wet pick up kits. 

What can I do if my power unit won't come on?

Check the breaker in your electrical panel.  Also check the reset button on the canister.

How do I find my unit model number

This is located on a white or silver label.  The model number will generally starts with S, P, or SR.  If your unit is in a corner and you cannot view the label try using a small mirror to view the label.

What hose and brush are compatible with my vacuum?

This is a common misconception.  Your hose and brush compatibility depends on the type of inlet and wand(s).

Will any of the attachments fit my old hose/wands?

Any straight suction attachments (air turbine brushes, dusting brushes, etc.) will fit old hoses and wand. 

How do I purchase a replacement part not listed on your website?

Call our customer service at 1-800-221-1862 or email

My hose is shorting out. Do I need to buy a new hose/electric brush?

Check the connection between the handle and top wand for arching.  If that looks fine, check the hose for exposed wires.

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  1. Blake wobbrock says:

    I bought new central vacuum model sr46 from Quality Home Systems. Do I need to register it for warranty.

    1. Natalie Fraser says:

      I will make sure your informaiton is entered into our system. Thanks!

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