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Perfect Cleaning Solution
Vacu-Maid Central Vacuum Systems are perfect for pet owners.  It makes the perfect addition to your home to clean up and groom your furry family members.  Cleaning is no longer a challenge.  All the shedding,  furballs, and dust bunnies will not be a challenge for our cyclonic vacuum system.  All the hair is easily picked up by the powerful vacuum system.  This vacuum will also be the perfect target against knocked over food bowls and litter boxes.

Improve Air Quality and Reduce Allergies
Central vacuums help with allergies.  Pet dander is often one of the prime offenders for allergy sufferers.  A central vacuum picks up this and other dust and allergens and whisks them away out of your living environment.  And, because the dust and allergens are removed from the home, you can improve your indoor air quality, making allergy symptoms improve by up to 61%

Not only can you clean your home, but you can also use it for grooming your pets.  Vacumaid systems are quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners because their motor is far away from the cleaning tool, all the way out in the garage.  Pets don’t mind the whisper of air and you can use our convenient curry combs and pet tools to vacuum away the shedding fur hidden in their coats. We always recommend opening the relief valve on the hose so that the vacuum isn’t too strong.

Cyclonic Technology
Vacu-maid uses cyclonic action instead of a filter making this the perfect system for pets and their owners. Traditional vacuum cleaners use filters and bags for filtration, which can quickly clog when vacuuming pet hair and fur.  This hair clogs the filters and restricts airflow and reduces cleaning power and performance.  Not so with Vacumaid and its cyclonic filtration technology.

Because of Vacumaid’s filtration technique, these systems are also great in vet clinics,  groomers and even hair salons.