If you are remodeling your home, make sure you ask for the vacuum baseboard aka sweep inlets for your home. This awesome feature can be easily installed into a new or existing home. Buzzfeed recently listed the VacPan as one of the 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New¬†Home. With a floor level sweep inlet, you can get rid of your old dustpan and let your central vacuum do the work. It’s simple to use. Just open the valve with a flick of your toe, sweep the debris near the opening with a broom, and your central vacuum system will whisk it away. This is great for kitchens, mudrooms, bathrooms, workshops, hair salons, retail stores, and any other hard surface high traffic areas where dirt accumulates quickly. They are most often located in the kickplate below your cabinets, but can also be mounted into the baseboards or even the workbench in the garage.   [clear]

CanSweep Trim Plate

The CanSweep Trim Plate goes around the edges of the CanSweep. This can be used to cover any cutting problems encountered when installing the CanSweep.

CanSweep – 845620W

Our premium performance sweep inlet valve, the CanSweep installs beneath kitchen and bathroom cabinets, under stairs, or along baseboards for convenient dirt clean up.

Wall Mount Vacuum and Hose Assembly

Perfect to quickly clean the dryer lint filter. The Wally works great to easily remove hair and make-up powder from bathroom countertops. No more dirt in the closet! Ideal to clean dry messes in the kitchen.

Vac Pan

The Original VacPan Sweep Inlet installs under the cabinets or into the wall. It is great for high traffic areas like the kitchen or bathrooms. Clean with the ease of a broom plus you have all the benefits of a central vacuum.