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Belt – PB480

Turbocat Air Driven Central Vacuum Power Nozzle belt.

Defender Electric Brush CT20QD

This QuietDrive™ powerhead has a low slender profile and features a full 14” cleaning path.  It has a double action release neck, letting the brush be easily separated from the wand without the requirement of bending over and struggling with disconnecting the two.  It features the same over-molded wheels and full wrap around bumper as the rest of the QuietDrive™ line, helping preserve furniture and baseboards.

Deluxe Electric Brush CT14DXQD

This power brush is used to vacuum carpets. It has a 14” edge to edge brushed head to create a wider cleaning path. It is to be used with the top and lower wand. Features include: • Quick Wand Release-for easy switch from carpet to hard floor, edge cleaning, or above floor cleaning. • 4-level height adjustment-adjusts to match surface being cleaned. • Soft Bumper-wraps around brush to protect baseboards and furniture. • Anti-Tracking Wheels-make less noticeable tracks. • Thermal Circuit Breaker Protection-protects motor from brush jamming and belt breakage by shutting self off if overload occurs.

Premium Electric Brush

The answer to high density soft carpet cleaning.

12″ Electric Brush with straight cord CT12DXL

This electric brush is compact, reliable, and durable. The full wrap-around bumper is gentle on furnishings and baseboards. The height adjustment feature makes for excellent grooming on all carpet types with wheels designed to eliminate tracks. The brushroll ensures that extra edge in pickup and cleaning ability. The headlight illuminates the cleaning path under furnishings and in poorly lit areas.