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Utility Vac Filter Bag with two openings for UV100

MaxFlo Hepa Bag with two inlet openings - Package of 3   To be used with UV100.  

Dirt Can Gasket for 12″ Can

Rubber gasket that seals the bottom 12" diameter cans.

Inverted Bag with Weight for 12″ Can

Permanent filter made of a Polyester material with a slick acrylic latex coating that enables the particles to easily fall off when the unit is turned off. This filter provides excellent airflow and is less restrictive than other permanent filter materials.  Also resists bacteria and mildew growth. The inverted bag is a replacement for the following  VacuMaid or AstroVac units: SR40, SR44, P105, SR14, SR12, SR46, SR40V, DC1000, SR88, SR89.

Plastic Cone For 12″ Can

Replacement plastic cone for 12″ diameter cans.  Used in ATQ160, ATQ180, AV1200, AV2600, AV3600, AV4000, BL12, BV100, DC1020, DC1100, DC1200, DC1200AC, P110, P112, P125P, P225, S1600, S1660, S2600, S2800, SR12, SR14, SR46.

Foam Filter (DC1100 / DCMC)

Replacement Foam Filters for DC1100 3 required

Inverted Bag with Weight for 14″ Can

The inverted bag is a replacement for the following AstroVac units: SR54, SR60, SR64.

Plastic Cone For 14″ Cans

Replacement plastic cone for 14" diameter cans.  DC1240, S2400, S3600

Fine Dust Filter Disc 12″ for DC1200

The electrostatic screen is an optional item for the filter screen area. The FDD12 is a 12" white and pink filter disc with center hole.   It allows free, unrestricted airflow that you have come to expect from your VacuMaid system.  For VacuMaid units P350P, S2600, S1600 that have separate dirt canister DC-1200 or DCMCC. 12" Diamater x .5" to .75" Thickness