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Sealed Bag Filter for CV100 Units (3 Pack)

Package of 3 bags to fit condo vac, rv vac, or service vac.

Fine Disc Filter 14″ used in DC1240

Blue fiber screen filter for added protection.  Traps dirt in filter screen rather than allowing it to build up on the top screen of the dirt canister.  Can be washed and reused 3-4 times. Great for specialty debris such as hair, powder, etc. For VacuMaid units with DC1240 including P350P, S3600, S3600T.   14" Diameter x .5" to .75" thickness.

Foam Filter

Replacement Filter for P-100, P-120 & Astrovac models SR-40 and SR-60.

Inverted Bag for Cyclonic Units

The inverted bag can be placed in a single piece VacuMaid unit when added filtration is desired.

Lid For DC1240/DC1250 and 14″ Bag Units

Replacement lid for 14″ diameter cans with lift off lids. State color: B = Blue       Blk =

Electro-Static Screen (DC500)

Blue mesh Electro-Static Screen 14 x 30" filter for VacuMaid dirt canister DC500.

Dirt Can Gasket for 12″ Can

Rubber gasket that seals the bottom 12" diameter cans.

Safety Screen

New Poly-Fiber Screen for 12" Disposable Bag Units.  This safety screen eliminates the bothersome build up of material on the small metal motor intake screen.  The Poly-Fiber Screen is designed to fit right into the bottom of the canister, on top of the pierced metal plate.  

Lid for DC1200, Paper Bag models, and Garage Vacs

Replacement lid for 12″ I.D. diameter cans with lift off lids. Includes DC1200, Garage Vacs, SR36, SR36, SR52. Diameter of