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Combination Floor Brush

This tool works well on bare floors and rugs. It is equipped with extra brushes underneath to make it more gentle on wood floors. The convenient foot lever allows you to easily enable the extra brushes.

Notched Floor and Rug Tool

This scalloped shoe carpet tool works well on low pile carpet and bare floors, wood and tile. The scalloped edge ensures that the tool won't seal to the floor, even with the most powerful central vacuum.

Combination Floor Brush with Wheels

This tool works well on concrete, wood or tile. It moves easily from the hard floor to carpet without the need to activate a pedal.

Floor Tool with MicroFiber Mop Head – Green

Soft fiber floor tool for cleaning hard surfaces. Removable fringe can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Floor Brush with Wheels

This floor brush is equipped with wheels to allow you to more easily move from carpet to hard floor surfaces.

Air Turbine Brush

The Turbocat is an air turbine-driven power brush that has an agitator that shakes the carpet to loosen dirt. This power brush is excellent on both high and low pile carpeting.

Air Turbine Brush – Blue

The new EX Turbine features a new belt design to reduce noise and vibration. A plastic base plate and two wheels added to the front of the tool protect your floor finishes at the edge of the carpet. A soft over-molded bumper protects furnishings and walls from scuffing. This Turbocat is a powerful, air driven brush that harnesses the power of your central vacuum for deep, thorough carpet cleaning. It is air turbine-driven power brush that has an agitator that shakes the carpet to loosen dirt. This powerbrush is excellent on both high and low pile carpeting. The low profile allows for easy maneuverability around and under furnishings.

Hand Held Air Turbine Brush

The Rug Rat's slim design accommodates ease of use at the end of the wand or for closer control in your hand. The high speed brush is ideal for cleaning surfaces like stairs, inside your car, and upholstery.  This high speed brush cleans and grooms carpeting, stairs, upholstery and vehicles interiors. Use is at the end of the wand to eliminate bending over or hold it in your hand for more control.

Belt – PB480

Turbocat Air Driven Central Vacuum Power Nozzle belt.

Hand Held Air Turbine Brush

This unique tool is great for stairs, vehicles, and upholstery. The open face design allows for a more complete clean in corners and on the risers of stairs.

Air Turbine Brush with Clutch System

The PB472is energy-efficient and offers optimal cleaning power even with low-power vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the unique noise-optimized design, this tool offers quieter turbo brush cleaning. It can be adapted to the various performance levels by quickly adjusting the air-flow valve. Whether you're cleaning carpets or hardwood the 360° swivel neck, paired with the 4 soft roller wheels, makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and appliances. The PB472 air-driven turbo brush powerhead fits all friction-fit wands that are the US standard 1.25in (32mm) outer diameter. We also offer the TK286 that fits the European standard-sized friction-fit wands of 1.38in. (35mm) outer diameter. The neck design of the TK286 swivels 360° and has a full tilt that allows for easy maneuvering under and around furniture. The auto height adjustment feature helps maintain the perfect height on all carpet types while the brush roller gently floats up and down when needed to provide optimal contact. This feature prevents the turbo brush floor attachment from clinging to your carpets while cleaning. The brush roller is equipped with double V-shaped nylon bristles and the cleaning tool can be used to free any tangled hairs or threads from the brush roller.
  • 4 Soft Roller Wheels
  • Adjustable Airflow Valve
  • Air Turbine Technology
  • Cleaning Flap for Easy Turbine Cleaning
  • Full-Tilt and 360° Swivel Neck Design

Belt – PB490

Turbocat Air Turbine Brush Replacement Belt