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Hide A Hose Elbow, 90 2″

Large radius 90° elbow for Hide A Hose retractable systems

Hide A Hose Elbow 45, 2″

45° Large radius elbow for Hide A Hose installations

Hide A Hose Elbow 22.5, 2″

22.5° Large radius elbow for Hide A Hose installations

Hide A Hose 5000 Valve Rough-In Kit

This Rough-In Frame is required for HS5000 new construction or retro-fit installations (exception: installation with concrete wall kit). The Rough In Kit includes: 1 rough in frame, 1 rough in pipe fitting, 1 reducer, 1 mud cover, 4 mud cover screws.

Hide A Hose, Rapidflex Hose

The Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose provides greater cleaning power, is lighter, more flexible, easier to pull out, and retracts faster. Include mini cuff.

Hide A Hose, Handle without RF

Soft Grip Handle for Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hoses – Friction Stub Tube.

New Hide A Hose Valve Trim Kit HS5000 series

The Valve Trim Kit includes: inlet valve, finish door, low-voltage switch, 4 screws, 2 wire nuts. New features include smaller size, improved rubber door seal, improved hose-locking system, simple on/off switch, adjusts to wall thicknesses up to 1 ½ inches (3.8 cm). Available in white or almond. Refer to HS5000 installation guide for valve trim instructions.    

Hide A Hose Handle without RF

Introducing the new Ready Grip Direct Connect Handle with no need for couplers! Now the hose connects directly into the

Hide A Hose Valve Trim Kit

Use this door with the HS3000R rough in.