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Stub Tube – GSH230B – Button Lock

The WGSH230B is a stub wand that ensures a secure fit with most standard tools and wands. Both ends are button lock. This stub wand fits a GSH230 low voltage hose.

Curved Wand for 1-3/8″ Hose – Button Lock

This a 14″ (356mm) chrome curved wand with locking fit, black airflow regulator, and black 1.375″ (35mm) swivel collar. This

Top Cord Management Wand – SFH430, SFH630

The W-535 Top Cord Management Wand (recess mounted plug) SFH430 and SFH630 Recessed Mount Cord Management Hoses.  Wand is 21" long - Chrome.

Top Cord Management Wand – GSH630

The W-540 is the Top Straight Wand for the GSH630 cord management hoses. This wand can be used with GSH-630, GSH-360C, GSH430C.

Telescopic Top Wand For NRH Hose

The W240T  is an adjustable ratchet ButtonDown™ chrome wand with Flush  cord management. It fits NRH style hose handles. Must

Top Cord Management Wand – NRH530, NRH630

The W-530 is a 21" chrome wand with flush mounted black cord management. It is a replacement top wand for the Lindsay NRH530, NRH-530C, NRH-630 and NRH-630C cord management hoses.

Straight Wand – Cord Management Clip – Button Lock

19" Locking Wand with Higher Button, Inward Pinch Roll, Button Lead Guide, Black Cord Channel