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Rough In Kit – Compatible with 12 or 14 Gauge wire – 775851

Install Kit compatible with 12 or 14 gauge wire. You choose the wire as required. Wire is not included. The

1 1/4″ Plastic Super Valve Full Door w/ Reversible Flange

The easy to install supervalve with reversible flange makes your installation decisions easy! • Left or right handed installation. • Larger electrical access for easy wiring • Allows the 90˚ elbow to rotate through full 180˚

Trim Plate 5589

Trim plate for plastic electravalves, supervalves or standard plastic inlet valves.

1-1/4″ Plastic ElectraValve II – 775850

The unique design of this valve eliminates the need for extra plugs and extension cords to drive a electric brush.