Vacuum hose and tool storage

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Wall Hanger Bracket with Grommets

For all VacuMaid, AstroVac, Valet and Imperium units.  Includes lag bolts and flat washers for mounting.  Click on color option to choose the color to match vacuum unit.

Plastic Deluxe Hose Hanger – 50′ Hose

This hose hanger allows you to keep your closets, hallways, and garage organized and secure without unkempt piles of hose

Plastic Hose Hanger

The H-431 is a plastic hose hanger designed for hanging on a single stud for easy installation. This hose hanger keeps the hose off of the floor and places it in a convenient location on the wall.

Tool Caddy

The CT-3901 holds accessories and hose making them more manageable for storing.

Mesh Caddy Bag

The caddie bag can be used to hold your accessory tools. It is designed to hang on your hose hanger and makes transportation of the tools to where you need them easy and convenient. The CB-180 is the easiest way to store your tools.

Bullet Board

Bullet Board™ metal pegboard is a great improvement on an old standard. Due to its quality steel construction, it holds