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Crevice Tool – Premium

"This 13"" crevice tool is designed to reach into cracks and crevices. The notched end and slotted side vents help maintain airflow and proper suction. This tool has a flat side which makes it great for reaching under refrigerators

Hose to Hose Connector Both Ends Threaded

This cuff is threaded on both ends to connect 1-1/4″  hoses together on a more permanent basis.  If a basic

Combination Floor Brush with Wheels

This tool works well on concrete, wood or tile. It moves easily from the hard floor to carpet without the need to activate a pedal.

Exhaust Vent Cap – White

This covers the outside exhaust of your system. Installs quickly to 2" pipe and keeps dirt and unwanted debris from coming back into your exhaust system.

Pet Grooming Tool

The pet tool has soft rubber tines that gently groom your pet while removing dander and loose hair.

1-1/4″ Plastic Pin Jack Full Door Valve – 792000

PinJack (2 pin) style allows you to control the on/off of the vacuum from the switch on the hose handle.

Utility Vac Filter Bag with two openings for UV100

MaxFlo Hepa Bag with two inlet openings - Package of 3   To be used with UV100.  

Upholstery Tool – Premium

Use this tool to clean upholstered furniture, drapes, and vehicle upholstery and carpets. This tool comes with a built-in brush to make it more gentle on your furnishings.

Curved Swivel Wand – 1-1/4″ Hose

The W-328R is a Deluxe Metal Curved wand that is a friction fit. It can be added to the end of the HS130W 1-1/4" straight suction (no wire) hose by screwing it onto the hose. The W-328R has a vacuum relief built in to regulate suction and will fit most 1-1/4" tools.

Plastic Hose Hanger

The H-431 is a plastic hose hanger designed for hanging on a single stud for easy installation. This hose hanger keeps the hose off of the floor and places it in a convenient location on the wall.

Hide A Hose Elbow 45, 2″

45° Large radius elbow for Hide A Hose installations

Rough In Kit – Compatible with 12 or 14 Gauge wire – 775851

Install Kit compatible with 12 or 14 gauge wire. You choose the wire as required. Wire is not included. The

Lamb Electric Motor 122264 Ultra 120V 5.7″ 2 Stage

The MB122264 is used in the following models: SR14, SR38 This motor replaces the MB119997 and the MB122084.

Floor Tool with MicroFiber Mop Head – Green

Soft fiber floor tool for cleaning hard surfaces. Removable fringe can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Telescopic Wand – Button Down Top – Friction Fit Bottom

The W-419H Telescopic wand is adjustable. It is used with 1-1/4" hoses. The W-419H is a friction fit on the bottom and button down at the top.

Air Turbine Brush

The Turbocat is an air turbine-driven power brush that has an agitator that shakes the carpet to loosen dirt. This power brush is excellent on both high and low pile carpeting.

Long Dusting Brush – Black

The DB503 elongated dust brush fits into 1.25″ (32mm) connections, and offers all the versatility of the dust brush, but

Plastic Curved Wand

The WPO-218 handle connects to hoses 1-1/4" in diameter.

1-1/4″ X 30′ Hose with HV109BL and W328R

1-1/4″ x 30′ Straight suction hose with plastic cuff (HV109BL) and curved wand (W328R).  To attach W328R or HV109BL, turn

CanSweep – 845620W

Our premium performance sweep inlet valve, the CanSweep installs beneath kitchen and bathroom cabinets, under stairs, or along baseboards for convenient dirt clean up.

Transformer & Relay Assembly 120V

Vacuum 120 volt wiring diagram Instructions for replacing 1. Disconnect Power from the Unit 2. Remove the Screws from the

Wet Pick-Up 4 Gal. for standard 1-1/4

Great attachment for your garage or central vacuum. Collect the liquid / water in this bucket to keep it from entering the vacuum or tubing.

Dirt Can Gasket for 12″ Can

Rubber gasket that seals the bottom 12" diameter cans.