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Inverted Bag with Weight for 12″ Can

Permanent filter made of a Polyester material with a slick acrylic latex coating that enables the particles to easily fall off when the unit is turned off. This filter provides excellent airflow and is less restrictive than other permanent filter materials.  Also resists bacteria and mildew growth. The inverted bag is a replacement for the following  VacuMaid or AstroVac units: SR40, SR44, P105, SR14, SR12, SR46, SR40V, DC1000, SR88, SR89.

Hide A Hose Elbow 22.5, 2″

22.5° Large radius elbow for Hide A Hose installations

Clip on Tool Caddy for Wand

The Clip On Tool Caddy keeps frequently used accessories within reach at all times during vacuuming. It can hold up to three tools and can be attached to a wand.

Hose to Inlet Connector – Ring Type

Black plastic cuff connection from vacuum hose to vac Inlet – Metal Ring Type

Telescopic Wand with Nylon Collar

The W-419C friction fit chrome wand extension wand. Use with 1-1/4" hoses.

Mechanical Breaker

Breaker switch for VacuMaid and AstroVac Central Vacuums

Hide A Hose 5000 Valve Rough-In Kit

This Rough-In Frame is required for HS5000 new construction or retro-fit installations (exception: installation with concrete wall kit). The Rough In Kit includes: 1 rough in frame, 1 rough in pipe fitting, 1 reducer, 1 mud cover, 4 mud cover screws.

1-1/4″ X 30′ Hose with HV110BL and W328R

1-1/4″ x 30′ Straight suction hose with ring cuff, (HV110BL) and curved wand (W328R).  To put HV110BL or W328R on,

Floor Brush with Wheels

This floor brush is equipped with wheels to allow you to more easily move from carpet to hard floor surfaces.

Hose Sock with Tie Ends – 35′ – Gray

The HS-35TG is a soft cloth hose cover that easily fits over your central vacuum hose.

Hide A Hose, Rapidflex Hose

The Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose provides greater cleaning power, is lighter, more flexible, easier to pull out, and retracts faster. Include mini cuff.

Plastic Telescopic Wand – Black

This black plastic telescopic wand has an adjustable length. It’s compressed length is 22.5” (571mm), with an extended length of 39” (990mm). This allows users with different height to adjust the length of the wand based on the job. It fits into 1.25” (32mm) ends.

Lamb Electric Motor 115334 120V 7.2″ 2 Stage

The MB115334 was in the following models: P125/MKX P225 / MKV after February 1999 P325 / MKIII H1 / MKI after January 1994.

Air Turbine Brush – Blue

The new EX Turbine features a new belt design to reduce noise and vibration. A plastic base plate and two wheels added to the front of the tool protect your floor finishes at the edge of the carpet. A soft over-molded bumper protects furnishings and walls from scuffing. This Turbocat is a powerful, air driven brush that harnesses the power of your central vacuum for deep, thorough carpet cleaning. It is air turbine-driven power brush that has an agitator that shakes the carpet to loosen dirt. This powerbrush is excellent on both high and low pile carpeting. The low profile allows for easy maneuverability around and under furnishings.

Hide A Hose, Handle without RF

Soft Grip Handle for Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hoses – Friction Stub Tube.

1-1/4″ X 30′ Hose with HV109BL

1-1/4″ x 30′ Straight suction hose with plastic cuff (HV109BL) and NO curved wand.  To take HV109BL hose cuff off,

Lamb Electric Motor 119804 120V 5.1″ Single Stage

The MB119804 is used in the following models: SR10, SR36C

Defender Electric Brush

This QuietDrive™ powerhead has a low slender profile and features a full 14” cleaning path.  It has a double action release neck, letting the brush be easily separated from the wand without the requirement of bending over and struggling with disconnecting the two.  It features the same over-molded wheels and full wrap around bumper as the rest of the QuietDrive™ line, helping preserve furniture and baseboards.

PC Board 120V with DB7NL

For older versions of S-2000, S-2600, P-125P, P-110, or P-225

Hand Held Air Turbine Brush

The Rug Rat's slim design accommodates ease of use at the end of the wand or for closer control in your hand. The high speed brush is ideal for cleaning surfaces like stairs, inside your car, and upholstery.  This high speed brush cleans and grooms carpeting, stairs, upholstery and vehicles interiors. Use is at the end of the wand to eliminate bending over or hold it in your hand for more control.

Lid Gasket – 12″ Can

Replacement gasket for lid of 12″ diameter cans with lift off lids.

1-1/4″ X 50′ Hose with HV109BL

1-1/4″ x 50′ Straight suction hose with a plastic cuff (HV109BL) and NO curved wand.  Would need to buy the

Plastic Cone For 12″ Can

Replacement plastic cone for 12″ diameter cans.  Used in ATQ160, ATQ180, AV1200, AV2600, AV3600, AV4000, BL12, BV100, DC1020, DC1100, DC1200, DC1200AC, P110, P112, P125P, P225, S1600, S1660, S2600, S2800, SR12, SR14, SR46.

Tool Caddy

The CT-3901 holds accessories and hose making them more manageable for storing.

Muffler Kit

Reduce the noise of your VacuMaid Utility Vac or VacuMaid Central Vacuum with an easy to install Muffler Kit.

E-Box for 249 Series ElectroValve

Connection box for Electravalve inlets to the wires.  Use your own wire.