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3 Utility Valve Kit

VacuMaid Utility Vac increases the versatility of your Utility Vac with a single inlet utility valve kit. The Utility Kit includes 3 plastic utility valves, 4 each 2" vacuums tubing reducer schedule 40, and 3 each 90 degree Sharp radius street elbow. PVC tubing and low voltage wire not included.

2″ Tubing 4′ 8″ Long, Straight on Both Ends – White – Box of 25 Pieces

2″ Tubing 4′ 8" Long, Straight on Both Ends – White – Box of 25 Pieces

Lamb Electric Motor 117073 120V 5.7″ 2 Stage

The MB 117073 was used in the following models: S1200, P110 after July 2003. P215, P280, SR42, SR82

Vibrating Upholstery Tool – Black

This upholstery tool uses rubber baffles to gently loosen embedded dirt from the surface being cleaned. This vibration caused by the rubber loosens the particles caught in the upholstery and vacuums them away. This is a great tool to extract dust from furniture, mattresses, pillows. It provides a deep down clean.

Belt – PB480

Turbocat Air Driven Central Vacuum Power Nozzle belt.

Standard Tool Kit

Central Vacuum Tool kit without hose. Includes two straight wands, a bare floor and rug tool, 12" floor brush, caddy bag and accessory tools.

90 Degree Tight Ell – 3″ Walls – White – 5504W

90º Short Elbow with Short Socket White - Socket x Short Socket

2″ Adaptor 2″ pipe to 2″ tubing

Adaptor 2″ I.D pipe to 2″ O.D. Vacuum Tubing Used on 3″ x 2″ fittings  

Round Muffler – 12″ Long with 2″ Connections – White

This muffler is a noise reducer that can be installed on the exhaust tube of the central vacuum power unit.

Sidewinder Wand Set

The W650 combines the W419C telescopic wand, the W219C chrome wand, and the HV109SC swivel connector to make the ideal

50′ Garage Kit

Included Items: 1-1/4” Hose (50’) Hose Hanger 3. Dusting Brush Upholstery Tool 5. Crevice Tool Telescopic Wand Floor Brush Tool