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Deluxe Electric Brush CT14DXQD

This power brush is used to vacuum carpets. It has a 14” edge to edge brushed head to create a wider cleaning path. It is to be used with the top and lower wand. Features include: • Quick Wand Release-for easy switch from carpet to hard floor, edge cleaning, or above floor cleaning. • 4-level height adjustment-adjusts to match surface being cleaned. • Soft Bumper-wraps around brush to protect baseboards and furniture. • Anti-Tracking Wheels-make less noticeable tracks. • Thermal Circuit Breaker Protection-protects motor from brush jamming and belt breakage by shutting self off if overload occurs.

Top Cord Management Wand – SFH430, SFH630

The W-535 Top Cord Management Wand (recess mounted plug) SFH430 and SFH630 Recessed Mount Cord Management Hoses.  Wand is 21" long - Chrome.

Top Cord Management Wand – NRH530, NRH630

The W-530 is a 21" chrome wand with flush mounted black cord management. It is a replacement top wand for the Lindsay NRH530, NRH-530C, NRH-630 and NRH-630C cord management hoses.